Jason Weems vs. Politics: It’s All Relative

The older I become, the more I realize the truth in the saying “It’s All Relative”. I have always seen the truth in it, but it just recently made perfect sense to me– this is where I’ll explain. My significant other who has become a political analyst/ social activist ever since Obama’s campaign got started is now consumed by MSNBC and News talk radio. Left to Right: Insulted husband, crazy wife and a cardboard Obama Every conversation... Read More

Living for the Weekend

There’s always a different mood when waking up on Friday mornings. Getting ready for work doesn’t seem as bad and our energy is always higher than it’s been all week. This is due to a very dangerous syndrome called “LFTW or Living For The Weekend”. There’s nothing wrong with being excited for your two free days off, the problem is there are 7 days in a week– you do the math. According to my calculations, that leaves five whole days... Read More