New Jason Weems Comedy T-shirts

Jason Weems T-Shirts

“Good Ass” Jokes T-Shirt: There are countless comedians who tell “Jokes”, but I specialize in a particular style of joke, which are “Good Ass” ones. Buy the shirt damnit. Buy Now

Beige is Beautiful T-Shirt: We’ve all heard the term “Black Is Beautiful,” but I wanted something a tad bit more specific. So I give you- “Beige Is Beautiful”. Here’s the thing, my wife thinks I look like anybody or anything that’s beige. Man, woman, furniture it doesn’t really matter. She thinks I look like Lionel Richie & Chris Brown at the same damn time. She calls me from Ikea the other day and says “Baby, I’m in Ikea, there’s a coffee table in here that looks just like you.” Buy the shirt damnit. Buy Now

Jason Weems Comedy Logo T-Shirt: This is the official logo of all things Jason Weems Comedy. If it doesn’t bear this logo, its not a Jason Weems Comedy product. We strive to bring you the very best that comedy has to offer, and this logo symbolizes just that. Buy the shirt damnit. Buy Now


Jason Weems Vol. 1 Intellectual Property

Jason Weems, Vol. 1 Intellectual Property

NBC’s Last Comic Standing Semi-Finalist, Jason Weems, independently produced 1-hour comedy special, Jason Weems, Vol. 1 Intellectual Property. Filmed before two sold-out crowds at the LOF/t Theater in Baltimore, MD on December 4, 2010. DVD includes the best of two outstanding performances, a special audience commentary, along with a sneak peek of his up coming documentary, “The Making of Jason Weems, Vol. 1 Intellectual Property.”

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