This is the official blog of comedian Jason Weems- “Intellectual Property”. What is that you ask? Who is Jason Weems? Let us find out together, as defined by two Emmanuelle Lewis’ aka Webster’s…

Jason Weems (not Williams) n. 1. I am a very funny comedian currently based out of the Baltimore/ DC area. “I am constantly progressing” 2. Chris Brown’s biological father and stunt double.

I have always been more of a recorder than reporter. “I don’t think God made a mistake when he gave us all two eyes, two ears yet only one mouth”. Everyday I’m allowed to open my eyes the red recording light turns on in my mind as the new day begins. Some people find it hard to believe that I perform standup comedy due to my reserved nature offstage. Some people label me as being standoffish or rude. The truth of the matter is, I’m simply recording to enhance my reporting. My mind is a labyrinth filled with personal stories, historical facts, absurd jokes, key lime pie and dreams of seeing the loch ness monster.

Loch Ness Monster

All of this has become too much to handle alone, so hopefully you can help me digest some of these thoughts. Every entry may not be for you exactly, but I guarantee 3 things with every one: you will smile, you will laugh and you will think. It may be you thinking about whooping my ass, but it’s a thought. “I promise to do my part, all I need from you are the five W’s below”.

Who– You

What– A few minutes of your time (every week)

Where– in front of your computer or mobile device

When– right now

Why– we all deserve to smile

If you are still reading this its for one or two reasons. 1) You have made the wise decision to read/ subscribe to this blog or 2) You really think I fathered one of today’s R&B superstars. Either way, thanks for hanging out…