Jay-Z: The Flows So Amazing

Ask five people who they think is the nicest MC and there’s a very good chance you’ll hear five different answers.

Jason Weems Is Now Taking Orders

With this being an independent project, the hours are endless but the end result will be 10 times as rewarding.

Jason Weems Intellectual Property Comedy Show

You Get What You Pay For

…I think Hyundai just got in bed with Planned Parenthood.

Hyundai and Planned Parenthood

Jason Weems, Vol. 1: Intellectual Property

A lot of people are fans of someone, but I would take it a step further to say I feel a true kindred like spirit to Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z, aka HOVA, aka Jigga. Maybe it’s that I just like the sound of a young, intelligent, wildly successful black man talking brashly over Kanye beats. That’s part of it, but there is so much more to it.

Jay Z Reasonable Doubt

Funny What Some Days Will Change

It’s one of my close comedy buddies on the other end Bryson Turner saying, “Jason, Chappelle just walked into the Improv and he’s going up”. He’s speaking of the DC Improv, which has become my home club and a place where I owe everything.

Jason Weems Exclusive Scandal

A scandal you ask, how tantalizing- I’ll explain. Let me begin by saying, “You ever f*ck up so bad, you feel closer to Mel Gibson”.

Jason Weems vs. Politics: It’s All Relative

What’s a current event to you isn’t a current event to five-year olds. Five-year olds current events are things like: “He peed on my ankles”, “ She said my water was ugly” and “He peed on my ankles again”. “I don’t care what Obama’s Middle East exit strategy is, no event is more current than having your ankles drizzled upon”…

Living for the Weekend

Often times it happens without us even knowing, and work weeks become so hectic that you forget that you are “working to live”, not “living to work”.

Days of the Week