Jason Weems vs. Politics: It’s All Relative

The older I become, the more I realize the truth in the saying “It’s All Relative”. I have always seen the truth in it, but it just recently made perfect sense to me– this is where I’ll explain. My significant other who has become a political analyst/ social activist ever since Obama’s campaign got started is now consumed by MSNBC and News talk radio.

Left to Right: Insulted husband, crazy wife and a cardboard Obama

Every conversation we seem to have as of lately finds its way back to the “Tea party”. Often times this has led us into arguments because after she dissects an entire issue, my response is “Yup, that’s how they do Black Presidents”.  As if we’ve had a plethora of them. She takes this personally as if I am not interested in what she shares with me, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. “Its not that I don’t care about what she’s saying, I just don’t give a F#ck”. I’ll explain this as well, because without one you better believe “A Storms A Brewing In The East”….

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to care and not give a F#ck simultaneously. “I care about what she shares with me because its important to her (and the May issue Essence magazine said I should), but I don’t give a F#ck because it’s all a big ole’ crock of shit”. Nothing is what it seems to be anymore, if it ever was to begin with. You can’t tell where truth ends and the lies begin these days. So as much as I would like to seem more informed by staying abreast of everything in the political landscape, the truth is I get more out of watching “Swamp People”.

Swamp People

History Channel's "Swamp People"

Shoot em’, shoot em’ shoot em’. If that made no sense to you, tune into Swamp People at 10pm EST Sunday nights on History. I guarantee you’ll walk away with more than a lofty Obama speech.

Here’s the part where my moment of clarity came, and I realized it really is “All Relative”. Along with being a standup comedian, I also teach Kindergarten by day. Due to this most of my conversations involve new joke premises and phonemic awareness. The other day while speaking to my sweet lady about the children, she asked me do they talk to me about “Current Events”. I looked at her and said, “yes they do”. She went on to ask me what they knew about Obama and politics, and that’s where I had to reel her back in and explain. What’s a current event to you isn’t a current event to five-year olds.

example of 5-year olds

Five year olds current events are things like: “He peed on my ankles”, “ She said my water was ugly” and “He peed on my ankles again”. “I don’t care what Obama’s Middle East exit strategy is, no event is more current than having your ankles drizzled upon”.  Now that’s what I call “making it rain”.

What’s important to one person may not be important to the next, but that in no way makes it wrong. Everything in this life is just a matter of perspective. “We’re ALL looking at the same game in the same arena, the only difference is what section we’re sitting in”.  Have patience with one another, teach tolerance and by all means please stop peeing on each other’s ankles.  “It’s just rude”…..

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