Living for the Weekend

There’s always a different mood when waking up on Friday mornings. Getting ready for work doesn’t seem as bad and our energy is always higher than it’s been all week. This is due to a very dangerous syndrome called “LFTW or Living For The Weekend”. There’s nothing wrong with being excited for your two free days off, the problem is there are 7 days in a week– you do the math. According to my calculations, that leaves five whole days per week where we merely exist or how old black folks say, “getting by”. To put it even further in perspective, lets just say you’re at work 20 days per month x 12 months a year. That equals out to 240 calendar days a year where you are just “getting by”, leaving up 125 days where you’re actually “living”. What’s funny is that if you really look at it Friday’s ass is just two days away from being Monday again.

Often times it happens without us even knowing, and work weeks become so hectic that you forget that you are “working to live”, not “living to work”. I am writing this because I am guilty of this. As I relentlessly pursue

DC Improv Lounge

my dream of standup comedy, I still work an exhausting day job teaching kindergarteners in an overcrowded, under funded Baltimore City Public School System. The keyword in that last sentence was “day job” because standup comedy is a “night job”, and when you merge the two together you get Monsunday. “Anyone working multiple jobs, or chasing a dream knows what Monsunday is firsthand”. It’s where you don’t know where the week ends and the weekend starts, it’s all just one BIG ASS DAY. I have found myself merely “getting by” much more than “living” and it scares the hell out of me. Don’t get me wrong, some days all we can do is “get by”, but that should not be the greater part of our existence.

Mr. Softee Ice Cream Truck

As I move forward I am going to make a conscious effort to live every day in the moment and appreciate it for what it is, “a gift”. I realize now that tomorrow is like the ice cream truck in a bad neighborhood, “you never know if it’s gonna come”. For that reason I need to order while its here, and get sprinkles every chance I get. “I don’t want to just be alive each day, I want to fully live each day”. I encourage you to do the same.

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