Jason Weems Is Now Taking Orders

So, tickets recently went on sale  for my first hour comedy special entitled Jason Weems, Vol. 1: Intellectual Property. This is a very dear project to me, which we’re filming independently in Baltimore on Saturday December 4, 2010. Before I get into this, I’d like to thank all of you who have been able to purchase your tickets already, and for those who plan on doing so soon. If you were quick on your feet and got yours during week one, you were able to take advantage of the early bird discounted ticket prices and save a little “SCRILLA”.

If you’re just coming into the loop on this, here is an update. The 8PM show is very close toAtlantic Starr being SOLD OUT, and 10:30PM is right on his ass. You like how I gave the showtimes living attributes don’t you (that’s a statement, not a question). You ever see a pit-bull chase a toddler? 10:30PM is that close to 8PM’s “hind parts”. You like how I used “hind parts” as a synonym for “ass” which was previously used, don’t you (another statement). Like Atlantic Starr said, they are “Closer Than Close”. You really like how I referenced a hit song by a popular 1980’s R&B Band, don’t you (statement- BOOM). How you love that?

Both shows are being filmed at an amazing theater called The LOF/t, which sits in the heart of Baltimore’s character filled Arts & Entertainment District. When we were scouting locations back in June at the inception of “Intellectual Property” we considered many

Lizzie Canteen (on the right) at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church.

venues for the site of the show. Some were more upscale than others, some we had ties to already and others left us undecided. When we came across the LOF/t everything aligned; or how my wife’s 93 yr old Great Granny who lives in Georgetown, SC would put it “our spirits agreed”. Shout out to Mrs. Lizzie Canteen representing Rose Hill to the fullest (that’s an inside reference, but I had to include it). Since signing the contract to the LOF/t back in June, things have been coming to life for “Intellectual Property” more and more each day. The manager of the LOF/t David is amazing and always available to answer questions, and the space lends itself seamlessly to what we are creating.

With this being an independent project, the hours are endless but the end result will be 10 times as rewarding. We are the producers, directors, promoters, publicists, stage crew, film crew and everything in between. If you’ve never been a part of a Dionne & Jason Production, please be a part of this one. With the purchase of your ticket to Jason Weems, Vol. 1: Intellectual Property on Dec 4th you’ll be walking into something VERY SPECIAL, and I sincerely mean that. I’m talking “Chronicles of Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe” Special. Who knows, Mr. Tumnus may even make a special guest appearance; “Big ups to Mr. Tumnus”. So if you haven’t already done so, go to www.jasonweemscomedy.com right now to get tickets. Show your support and be counted in the number for what will be an AMAZING night of comedy in a city that’s not always recognized for supporting live performing arts.  As Spike said, “DO THE RIGHT THING”.

“Yall dont know nothin’ bout that Closer than Close“!!! Hit it Dee-jay

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