Restore America: Apocalypse Now

The “Change” you’re waiting for Obama to bring cannot happen from the top down. Like anything else still standing, it happens from the bottom up– it’s called “Foundation”.

Jason Weems vs. Politics: It’s All Relative

What’s a current event to you isn’t a current event to five-year olds. Five-year olds current events are things like: “He peed on my ankles”, “ She said my water was ugly” and “He peed on my ankles again”. “I don’t care what Obama’s Middle East exit strategy is, no event is more current than having your ankles drizzled upon”…

Well Whooptido!!!

I can rant for upwards of 3 hours on something as small as gas station receipts, and whenever my brain will not provide me with a suitable response in a debate my default setting is to say “Well Whooptido”.