Well Whooptido!!!

I am 3 months away from turning 30 years old, and I believe I have already made the full transformation into my father. The warning signs have always been here, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. “It seems like just yesterday when I was a young vibrant lad, fully clothed and eating off of plates”.

This is me at 5-years old

Fast forward to present day and everything has changed. I increasingly find myself having less and less clothes on at odd times of the day. I can rant for upwards of 3 hours on something as small as gas station receipts, and whenever my brain will not provide me with a suitable response in a debate my default setting is to say “Well Whooptido”. These are all direct connections to my Daddy’s lineage.  I am frightful that 6 months from now, I will be eating piping hot Cream of Wheat directly out of the pot with little to no regard for my safety or the safety of those around me. “Calm down ladies, there’s enough to go around”.

Along with inheriting these wildly attractive traits from my father, I also inherited much much more. My father is and has always been my blueprint to becoming a man. Though he only has a high school diploma which doesn’t signify intelligence in this backwards world we live in, he is the most worldly, well read, well versed man I have ever met.

From Top to Bottom: My Father, Older Brother and Me

He can go toe to toe with any “intellectual” in any arena and be funny while doing it. He taught me how to be a man not by preaching one thing and doing the opposite, but by living it. I have watched him go without so many “bare necessity” types of things in order to ensure the success of his family that I well up simply thinking about it.

“I have never met someone as fair, loving and genuine as this man and I know it is impossible to ever do so”. He’s without a shadow of a doubt 1 of 1, the genuine article. “If there was ever a mold in true manhood, it was surely destroyed when God made Warren Benjamin Weems” on November 4, 1950.

From Left to Right: Me, my niece and my father

I have become a responsible adult because of him. I have become a loving husband because of him. I have become a God fearing man because of him. “I am who I am because of him”, and Lord willing I’ll have the opportunity to hopefully be that to a son  of my own one day.

“So as I sit here 90 days away from 30, I have a smile on my face because I really did become what I wanted to be when I grew up”. “I Love You Dad”. Thank you…

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