I’m Not A Comedian, I’m A Hustler

When I first realized that GOD had blessed me with the gift and ability to make others laugh by merely speaking my thoughts, it was AMAZING. Not discounting anyone else’s gifts, but I cannot think of a gift better than making someone laugh. I’m talking about that ugly, shake the person next to you violently, run around the kitchen laugh. It is so special. It’s what can change the trajectory of your day from “horrible” to “I can make it... Read More

Jay-Z: The Flows So Amazing

At its roots, Hip Hop has always been competitive, and therefore there will always be “beef” and individuals arguing over who is the nicest MC. I’ve heard all types of absurd debates over the years, some which have included such ignorance as, “whose better, dead Pac or live Pac”? How can you even form your remedial ass lips to spew something like that? Really? Besides, we all know that Pac is using Wacka Flocka’s body as a host until he’s... Read More

Jason Weems, Vol. 1: Intellectual Property

On December 4th, 2010 I will film my first hour comedy special entitled Jason Weems, Vol. 1: Intellectual Property here in my hometown of Baltimore, MD. The shows are being held at The LOF/t,  a really cool theater in the Arts & Entertainment District of the city. Tickets are now on sale to the public and the official countdown has begun. When I tell people I’m filming an hour special, the first question is always the same, “for who,... Read More