I’m Not A Comedian, I’m A Hustler

When I first realized that GOD had blessed me with the gift and ability to make others laugh by merely speaking my thoughts, it was AMAZING. Not discounting anyone else’s gifts, but I cannot think of a gift better than making someone laugh. I’m talking about that ugly, shake the person next to you violently, run around the kitchen laugh. It is so special. It’s what can change the trajectory of your day from “horrible” to “I can make it through”. It’s what makes swallowing the pill of the passing of a loved one go down a little bit easier. It’s what breaks down racial barriers and shows us that we are far more alike than different. It’s what I do, and I love it.

Not only do “I love it”, but “I’m in love with it”— if you’re asking yourself, “Jason, what’s the difference?” Don’t email me, ask your significant other, they’ll explain it to your monkey ass in great lengths- TRUST ME.

Beyond GOD blessing me with the gift of comedy, he’s also blessed me with the resources, drive and insight to make a living from it. And anyone earning greenbacks from their passion can tell you there is nothing like it in this world. To be able to feed my family from making others smile is almost too good to be true. Now don’t get me wrong, it is hard as hell when you are your product. The number of 0’s in your bank account is directly tied to what you do both on & offstage. If you’re not out grinding every night, that’s all that will be in your bank account- 0’s. In order to be successful, you want to get another number other than zero in front of those zeros. You’ve gotta work while your peers are napping. You’ve gotta have long term vision and see the end before others see the beginning. Denzel said it best in Training Day, “The shit’s chess, it aint checkers”.


And I’m working every minute to be the Bobby Fischer of “Good Ass Jokes”.

In order to really see any return on your investment in this business, you’ve gotta generate your own income. Unless you’re on that Kevin Hart status and can sell out multiple shows every night. That day is coming trust me, but until then I’m gonna get it by any means necessary. Here’s the thing—if you are completely reliant on what a club or promoter is gonna pay you, you’re gonna always be broke. Taking gigs you don’t want just to eat and pay your past due cricket wireless bill; that’s not me, I’ve always been imaginative, I’ve always been hungry and I always want more. Wealthy people all know that “money is nothing but an idea”. If you’ve got the right idea and can box it up right, the money always follows.

Since I began my comedy career on September 27, 2006 it has been a journey of duplicity for me. Yes, it’s great to make people smile, and share my God given gift, but I also know without a shadow of a doubt that this is my best shot at becoming wealthy. Chris Rock has a great bit where he explains the difference between Rich & Wealthy,“Shaq is rich, the white man who signs his check is wealthy”.


I’d prefer to be the latter of the two. If I could borrow a line from someone who I often look to for inspiration, Jay-Z (No Hook: The American Gangster Album), “Fuck rich let’s get wealthy who else gon’ feed we/ If I need it I’m gon’ get it however, God help me”. That’s what it’s all about, the bottom line. It’s hard to be funny, when there’s no money.

With this entrepreneurial spirit, and so many of those who I look to for inspiration being cut from this same cloth, it only made sense to follow that Blueprint and MERCHANDISE, MERCHANDISE, MERCHANDISE. In September of 2009, two years after taking the mic for the first time, I produced, poorly edited and released my first comedy CD aptly entitled “Don’t Judge Me”. My very talented wife & business partner designed the cover which was probably the best part of the entire project (just kidding, it wasn’t perfect but it was funny). I sold them for a little over a year, and took the money I made and reinvested it into the Jason Weems Comedy company. A little over a year later on December 4, 2010 we independently produced & filmed my first hour stand-up special entitled Jason Weems, Vol.1: Intellectual Property. After a lot of hard work, two sold out shows and a strenuous editing process it was released for sale in March, 2011. We’ve been selling the DVD for a year now and they’re available after shows & online exclusively at Official Jason Weems Comedy Store.

With this being chess, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to expand the Jason Weems Comedy brand. Looking for another way to recycle the money back into the business, and continue to bet on myself. So, we took the money made from DVD sales and reinvested it in Jason Weems Comedy again, this time with our brand new line of Jason Weems Comedy T-shirts, AVAILABLE NOW at the official Jason Weems Comedy Store. Three beautiful designs & shirt colors to choose from.

White– Beige Is Beautiful
Sports Gray– Jason Weems Comedy Logo
Black– Good Ass Jokes

I’m like Tommy Davidson in “Spikes Joint” on In Living Color, “You looking for a shirt? Like a t-shirt? Like a Jason Weems Comedy T-shirt? “GOT EM’!!!!! You like, come on’ you gotta like, come on look you gotta like, please baby baby please, please baby baby baby please please baby baby please”.



Do yourself a favor; better yet do me one and hop on over to the official Jason Weems Comedy Store. Check out the site, it’s dope. Buy a DVD, it’s dope too. Buy a t-shirt to wear while watching the DVD. Buy all 3 T-shirts so the whole family can be fashionable while laughing. Whether you want to watch me, wear me or both, support Jason Weems Comedy and good art.

I wrote this blog to promote the new Jason Weems Comedy products, but to also make a statement, “I’m Not A Comedian, I’m a hustler, It Just So Happens, I know How To Tell Good Ass Jokes”.


Thank you for your constant support & positive energy.

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