Forward Motion Only !!!

“Stay inspired, humble & hungry ! Change your life today by never repeating your yesterday. Even if yesterday was the best day of your life, today has the possibility to be even better”. – A good friend

Tonight at 9/8c on NBC Season 9 of Last Comic Standing premieres. I’ve been involved with the show a few times over my soon to be 9 year comedy career now, and I am excited to have been invited back again this year as part of The Top 100.


It’s humbling to be amongst 99 of some of the countries top comedic talent that started as a couple thousand hopefuls. And obviously it’ s extremely exciting to post images online with the flashy NBC & Last Comic logos for my friends, family & haters to see, but its so far beyond that for me. People on the outside always see the end results, in this case that being the cool images and stuff to click LIKE on (by the way LIKE Jason Weems Comedy since we’re on the subject) which is great. But what people never see is the 7 hour drives to a show after being with your 3 yr old son & twin soon to be 2 yr olds all day long. They don’t see the shows with 3 people in the crowd, 2 of whom are only there to finish their potato salad. They don’t see the nights where it’s so bad that you want to punch the moisture out of a bunny rabbit.


If comedy was a pie with 8 slices, 7.5 of those slices would consist of whats described above. So even though its great to get the show & feel proud in this accomplishment, it represents so much more for me. It’s BIGGER than this isolated opportunity. It’s the energy that surrounds it that excites me. The optimism it breeds. It’s confirmation that I’m still moving forward even when it doesn’t feel that way at times. It’s one of those moments in life where you realize that everything that you want to be, you already are. You’re just on the path to fully discovering it. It’s a reminder to never look back because it distracts from the now – FYI: thats a metaphor, don’t reverse out of your driveway blindly, it’ll end badly. Trust & believe that.


So as tough & mentally taxing as the inglorious side of comedy can be, I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is what GOD made me to do. I once heard someone say that I’d rather be losing at the thing I believe in, than winning at the thing I do not. It all boils down to purpose, and this is mine. My name even means “Healer”, and I do that through administering Good Ass Jokes to the masses (or 3 people, 2 of whom are only there to finish their potato salad) . As I sit here and type this right now, I am beyond thankful for the opportunity of Last Comic Standing, but my sights are set so far out that I can’t stay here long. It’s Forward Motion or NOTHING AT ALL. I think my man 3 stacks said it best, “Baby boy you’re only funky as your last cut, you focus on the past your ass’ll be a has-what”. So whether you’re grabbing a mic night after night, going back to school or punching the moisture out of bunnies, keep moving FORWARD !!!

” Let FAILURE be your Motivation, and SUCCESS be your Confirmation. Its better to be the parent of your FUTURE, than the offspring of your PAST “.




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