It’s “Weems” not “Williams”

It’s been roughly 120 days since the independent production & filming of my first hour standup comedy special Jason Weems, Vol.1, Intellectual Property (that’s 4 months for those of you who struggled or still struggle in math). The monster known as post-production is complete, and I’m holding the final product in my hands.


When I arrived home from teaching the youngin’s a few days ago, I discovered eleven huge boxes awaiting me on my porch like a scorned woman in a Tyler Perry Film.

Diary of a Mad Black Women Film

One of my wife's favorites...Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Although, I was eager to crack the packages open, I have to admit there was some hesitation. Not hesitation because I didn’t want to see our hard work finally culminated, but hesitation because I didn’t want to remove the packing paper and read– Jason Williams, Vol. 11, Intellectual Properly. If you’re still asking wondering, “what’s the problem?”, you need to order the popular breakthrough As Seen On TV product “Your Baby Can Read”… for YOURSELF.

For those of you who caught that, my last Name is Weems, not Williams (amongst the several other grammatical errors). Yet, as long as I can remember, I’ve been called the latter. Example: This is me checking in for a doctor’s appointment.

Me: “Hi, my name is Jason Weems and I have a 3:15pm with Dr. Jones”.

Receptionist: “Hi Mr. Williams, if you can have a seat in the waiting area, Dr. Jones will be with you right away”.

I sit in the waiting area and then hear the receptionist speaking on the phone to the nurse in the back.

Receptionist: “Hi Julie, Dr Jones’ 3:15pm Patrick Williams is here”.

My Inner Monologue in the Late Great Bernie Mac’s Voice From The Players Club: “Who the F@%K is Patrick, how did I become SpongeBobs BFF, you better wear your bullet proof vest ALL Day, ALL MF’ing Day”.

But after 3 decades of this, you learn to pick your battles. If this were an answer on Jeopardy, it would be… What is “Surrender”? And, you would be correct.

Enough of that though, like I tell my kindergarteners, “let’s get back on task”. Whether you call me Weems or Williams, I’d love for you to purchase a copy of this DVD and support great standup comedy aka “Jason Weems”. This project was a true labor of love and the first installment of many more standup specials to come from me. It was filmed live in front of TWO SOLD OUT crowds at the LOF/t Theater in my hometown of Baltimore, MD and the final product is nothing short of mind blowing. Check out the trailer, and follow the link below to purchase your very own copy of Jason Weems, Vol.1: Intellectual Property.

It’s approximately 95 Hi-Def shrink wrapped minutes of GOOD ASS JOKES which also includes an exclusive behind the scenes trailer of my forthcoming documentary– The Making Of Jason Weems, Vol.1: Intellectual Property slated to be released in 2012.

Thank you in advance for your purchase, and stay tuned for more from Jason Weems Comedy.


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