Turning 2 Today: 5/3/19

Today is my 2nd birthday 🎁 . Its the day that I died, but also the day that I lived. Its the day a sudden & severe asthma attack stopped my ❤️ for 5 minutes while on stage performing in Philly. May 3, 2017, will be a day that I carry as close to me […]

Forward Motion Only !!!

“Stay inspired, humble & hungry ! Change your life today by never repeating your yesterday. Even if yesterday was the best day of your life, today has the possibility to be even better”. – A good friend Tonight at 9/8c on NBC Season 9 of Last Comic Standing premieres. I’ve been involved with the show […]

Tha’ Block Is Hot, Along With Everything Else !!!

I wanted to write something today while my boys were down for their naps, but nothing jumped out at me. Then I said to myself,  “just write about what you’re feeling right at this moment Jason”. What am I feeling you ask ??? Blessed to have a functioning air conditioning unit !!! It is a […]

“The 4 Sexiest Words Ever Spoken”

“ The 4 Sexiest Words Ever Spoken”   “I mean come on, haven’t we all snuck back into our workplaces after hours before and filmed a hilarious parody of Jay-Z & Kanyes Watch The Throne with two of our talented co-workers” ??? Don’t you dare act like it’s just me. Well I did, and the […]

I’m Not A Comedian, I’m A Hustler

When I first realized that GOD had blessed me with the gift and ability to make others laugh by merely speaking my thoughts, it was AMAZING. Not discounting anyone else’s gifts, but I cannot think of a gift better than making someone laugh. I’m talking about that ugly, shake the person next to you violently, […]

Fall Forward

A month ago my wife called me really excited about something she had found online while at work. It was hard to hear her initially as I was practicing graduation songs with my kindergartners, but I heard key words that created instant interest on my end: Inspiring, Commencement and Denzel. A few minutes later my […]

It’s “Weems” not “Williams”

It’s been roughly 120 days since the independent production & filming of my first hour standup comedy special Jason Weems, Vol.1, Intellectual Property (that’s 4 months for those of you who struggled or still struggle in math). The monster known as post-production is complete, and I’m holding the final product in my hands. When I […]

Restore America: Apocalypse Now

The “Change” you’re waiting for Obama to bring cannot happen from the top down. Like anything else still standing, it happens from the bottom up– it’s called “Foundation”.

Jay-Z: The Flows So Amazing

Ask five people who they think is the nicest MC and there’s a very good chance you’ll hear five different answers.

Jason Weems Is Now Taking Orders

With this being an independent project, the hours are endless but the end result will be 10 times as rewarding.

Jason Weems Intellectual Property Comedy Show