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Jason Weems: Unknown |1hr. Stand-Up Comedy Special

On May 3, 2017, Jason Weems died after a stand-up performance in Philadelphia. No pulse. No heartbeat. 5-minutes. He awoke 16-hours later in the hospital labeled as “Unknown”. This life altering experience re-ignited his comedic drive to never allow his life or his talent to be overlooked again. Steaming Now Everywhere!

“I think God killed me to give me new life.”

Announcing the national release of Jason Weems: Unknown. Now streaming everywhere comedy is available, including Amazon Prime, Pandora and SiriusXM. Critics have shared that  “Jason Weems delivers one of the most hilarious and honest stand-up comedy specials in a very long time”.

First Day Back: Jason Weems

First Day Back returns this season with the story of Jason Weems, one of Baltimore’s biggest comedians. Jason’s life changed on May 3, 2017, when just minutes into a set, he had a severe asthma attack. This season on First Day Back, host Tally Abecassis follows Jason as he tries to come back…from death. He […]


From the beige mind of Jason Weems Comedy comes “Little Known Beige History Facts”. Sit back, relax & prepare to be enlightened on the often forgotten Beige contributions to our society.

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Witness when desperation & a camera meet. 3 brothers hustle to rise out of the 9-5 and into the lime light, lemon light or any other fruit & or vegetable light. Original sketches, parodies, random ass thoughts, blatant ignorance & it all comes out of our 45 minute LUNCHTIME.

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