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It’s “Weems” not “Williams”

It’s been roughly 120 days since the independent production & filming of my first hour standup comedy special Jason Weems, Vol.1, Intellectual Property (that’s 4 months for those of you who struggled or still struggle in math). The monster known as post-production is complete, and I’m holding the final product in my hands. When I […]


Restore America: Apocalypse Now

The “Change” you’re waiting for Obama to bring cannot happen from the top down. Like anything else still standing, it happens from the bottom up– it’s called “Foundation”.


Jay-Z: The Flows So Amazing

Ask five people who they think is the nicest MC and there’s a very good chance you’ll hear five different answers.

Jay-Z - The Black Album

Jason Weems Is Now Taking Orders

With this being an independent project, the hours are endless but the end result will be 10 times as rewarding.

Jason Weems Intellectual Property Comedy Show

You Get What You Pay For

…I think Hyundai just got in bed with Planned Parenthood.

Hyundai and Planned Parenthood