You Won’t Believe What Happened To Me!

It’s funny what a day will change. I take that back, it’s funny what can change in a moment. Just a moment. A day is a bit lofty. As many of you have heard, I am thankfully recovering from the worst asthma attack I’ve ever experienced this past Wednesday night 5/3/17 as I was on stage in Philly. I have fought asthma my entire life, spending long periods of my youth in & out of emergency rooms. asthmaworldstudyFor those of you with asthma, you know how unpredictable it can be & when breathing is the subject, unpredictability is a MF !!! Over the past 3 years I’ve had a few of the most severe attacks of my life with the reasons unbeknownst to me. I’ve passed out in hospital parking lots trying to get into the ER, had my street looking like Christmas in July from medic lights flashing against the night sky & have had some very still sobering moments when I couldn’t draw another breath and simply surrendered. Back in September of 2016 I had a similar but not as aggressive of an attack while in LA on business. I rememberparking wildly in the ER lot and forcing my way into the back after they repeatedly asked for my insurance information. “Um, first things first fella”. I remember laying on the bed as they worked on me as I stared at my family’s photo on the home screen of my phone. It allowed me to focus my fight on one thing, getting back to them. By GODs grace I walked out of there and continued this thing called life. The experience shook me so badly that it has made me hesitant to travel far from home & I weigh every gig with this in mind. My travel bags are filled with nebulizers, prescriptions & merchandise of course – I gotta get this money to pay for all this bullshit.

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This was the case on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. I had taken a quick two hour ride up to Philly to tell these Good Ass Jokes. I thought nothing of it. Before leaving I made my boys dinner, gave them a bath and got them off to bed. I kissed my wife and said I’d be in around 2am probably. Nothing out of the usual. I hopped in my comedy car, sent out a tweet announcing my impending descension upon Philly and pulled off. Traffic was non-existent and I made the trip in record time. I got a great parking space in a crowded area, the audience was packed in & I sat in the back near the bar watching the other comics go up, waiting to close the show and hit them over the head with this FUNNY. Everything was right in the world. I was given the signal that I was about to go on in 2 minutes & I hopped up ready to go to workdoing what I do. Little did I know that the universe filed this in its alternative facts folder & had a plot twist for my ass. Anyone who knows Weems, knows that no two shows are alike like a snowflake. Every single one is custom made and tailor fit to that exact crowd. So I’m up there riffing, talking all types of shit & out of nowhere , I felt a very familiar & terrifying sensation in my chest. I knew this unwelcomed visitor all too well & I prayed that it would pass and that I was making more of it in my mind. I still had the room in my grasp but I could hear my shallow breathing over their laughter, I felt alone in a room full of people and panic began to slowly set in. I took a moment during a laugh break to pull out my inhaler and take two puffs. A few words into my next thought I could feel no benefit from the medicine & I did something I have NEVER done in my decade of standup — I walked off stage without finishing the show.

Do you wanna hear what happened next? See you on Saturday, December 1, 2018 for Jason Weems “Unknown” Comedy Show. Tickets available now online at Baltimore’s Historic Center Stage.

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